We pride ourselves in providing our customer with the freshest and the most authentic, home-cooking products available to the market. All of our Southern products are made on-site which gives The Dillard House quality control and allows the customer to enjoy the country cooking products they have come to love and expect from us.

Eating at the Dillard House is a legend in North Georgia and beyond. Our country cooking is served "family style" in the generous proportions that are the hallmark of southern hospitality. All of our vegetables are farm fresh. Most are grown right in the surrounding area. You will be amazed at the variety of delectable selections that grace the table at any Dillard House meal.

We serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day, year-round. Every table is filled with overflowing bowls and platters of steaming, delicious, home cooking, satisfy-your-craving, Southern food and every morsel has been prepared with recipes handed down to us from generations of Dillard cooks. If one of your bowls or platters becomes empty before you're through, just tell your servers and they'll be happy to bring you a refill! No one is allowed to leave the table hungry; that would not be hospitable!

Our facilities offer everything the frequent traveler has come to expect. All of our guest rooms are new or newly renovated. Charming suites and cottages are also available. You also have the option of staying in a secluded, intimate mountainside chalet. Whatever the season, beauty abounds at the Dillard House. In Spring you will be treated to acres of gardens in full bloom with tulips, rhododendron and mountain laurel. Summer offers a feast of flowers including impatiens, geraniums, dahlia, roses, hydrangea and salvia. Wildflowers bloom in all seasons. Autumn in the mountains is breathtaking. Colorful foliage abounds at the Dillard House. Winter is serene and offers some wonderful views since there are no leaves to obstruct your vision. And don't forget the snow! Nothing is quite as tranquil as looking out over a snow covered valley and mountain range. Our winters are generally mild, but we are usually treated to snow several times per season.

For the best in home cooking, make sure to stock up on supplies from the Dillard House Gift Book and bring the authentic country cooking to your home.

With years of serving the finest Southern foods in a relaxed, family style atmosphere, the Dillard House Gift Book provides our award winning food to help you create the perfect home cooked meals.